Public Relations & Events

Public Relations & Events

Public Relations & Events

Public Relations & Events

Public Relations & Events

Public Relations & Events

Capturing and sharing your event, activities, and programs

You can be doing great things in the community. Youth development, after-school programs, adult education programs, educational forums, special events are all great things. Letting the broader community know about what your doing, what your successes are, and what your challenges are will bring positive results in a couple of ways. Not only will more people be interested in coming to you to be involved in your programs, but people of influence will be more able to advocate for you, assist with needed funding.

Mead Communications will come to your program or event and capture in photos and writing the essence of the program; its purpose and goals; accomplishments and special features; what you are looking for from the community and what you are offering the community.

These stories can be used in newsletters, newspaper articles, on your website or blog. They are the material that adds depth to your social media postings. We can help you accomplish your goal of garnering greater community involvement.



Westside Men & Loretto Hospital Men's Health Event

Monroe Foundation award presentation at City Hall.

Dance troupe at Austin Coming Together event.

Austin Chamber of Commerce kick-off of Certified Business Program.

Westside Men and Loretto Hospital Men's Health Event.

Youth program at Austin Community Resource Center.

Austin Chamber of Commerce participation in NFL Draft Week activities.

Austin Community Resource Center After-School Program.

Monroe Foundation receiving award from State Rep Chris Welch & AT&T.

Austin Coming Together hosted the Levin Park Neighborhood summer fair.

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