Manage your information and how it gets shared

Ideally all of your communications will compliment each other and reinforce your message to your audience.

A primary need is for your website to contain current information about your program, upcoming events, and success stories. Too often an organization pushes hard to create their website and then once it is launched fail to keep the information up to date. What is frequently the first place someone goes to to learn about the organization becomes increasing irrelevant.

We work with you to keep your website current. Also, if you have a constituency that you try to, or want to, communicate with regularly, we use email newsletters to give quick information and draw readers back to your website – your primary means of telling your story to the world.

When appropriate we will work with you to create brochures for distribution, self-mailers, and other printed pieces. Even though the vast majority of information can be shared electronically there are still times you will want printed pieces to physically hand to someone.

Annual Report Cover

Annual Report inside page

Email newsletter that ties into your website

Keeping your website updated is essential

Brochures still have a place in an organization's communication strategy

Brochures can contain a lot of great info

Creating program specific web pages is a great way to go in-depth about your mission

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